Language Study Holidays
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Regional Representatives

We are always looking to appoint regional representatives for our host families scheme in order to have a cluster of families in the same area.
The work includes recruiting and visiting families prior to them hosting a child and is on a part-time and seasonal basis.
Commission paid: 25 per family which is accepted for hosting.
If interested, please read the following notes and guidelines and then send us the printable application form.

1. Any family which has teenage children and is free to host in July and/or August and which has a clean and acceptable home will be deemed to be acceptable and booked to host. Families who have younger children but are otherwise suitable are most likely to be booked but there are the odd ones who we cannot place.

2. There is no commission paid for a family who we have booked and who subsequently cancel since the commission goes with the student.

3. Should a representative have to travel a distance to visit a prospective family, they can claim petrol expenses.

4. We pay for all advertisements which we place in local newspapers. The local representative will pay for all ads placed in local shops, newsagents, sports clubs, etc.

5. Should the local representative have a number of students in their area, they may be prepared to act as a ‘troubleshooter’ in case of any emergency where a child would have to be moved to another family. We would make all the arrangements and phone calls and simply ask them to collect the child and transport them to the new family, or arrange for a local taxi to do so.
Should there be a coach drop-off point in their area, we would ask the representative to be at the coach stop to introduce families to their students.
Should the representative agree to the duties as detailed in point (5) there would be an admin. payment of 5 per student