Language Study Holidays
Est. 1975

How It Works

The French children, aged between 11 and 17, usually visit during the summer months for two to three weeks to experience English family life and to practise and improve their English. We are not just looking for accommodation but for families willing to take the children into their home and include them in their family life. It will be a bit like ‘adopting’ a child for a short time.
You can be assured that we shall only offer you someone who we know will fit in easily with your family and way of life.
Normally we will phone or email you to discuss the placement and proposed dates of the visit. You can then decide whether you would like to accept or not.

Accommodation: it is not essential for the child to have his/her own bedroom. Most are quite happy to share with one of your own children provided that they are the same age and sex. Those who go to families with young children, or whose children are not at home, will obviously require their own room.

Study: Each child will have one or two hours of private study to do each day, involving written exercises, a daily diary recording their experiences, observations and impressions, and a vocabulary sheet.
A local tutor will phone you to arrange two visits during the stay to correct their written work.

School: If you have teenage children who are still at school at the time of the visit, you may be able to arrange for your guest to attend school with one of your own children, either on a full-time or part-time basis.

Holidays: you are totally free to make whatever plans you wish for the stay. If you are going on holiday or away for the weekend, you can take your guest with you.

Restrictions: Because the children come to learn English, they will expect to be in a family whose first language is English. For the same reason, they will not expect to be in the same house as other guests with the same native language as themselves.
They should not be left alone without the permission of Belaf.
They should not be in a family where the mother works full-time unless the French child is attending school with the child in the family.
They should not have to pay for activities although they will have some pocket money for postcards, presents, etc.

The weekly hospitality allowance paid to you is from 190.