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‘Host a French Student’ - also known as ‘Homestays’ - is a scheme that allows English families to take a French child of school age (11 to 17 years) into their home for a few weeks so that the French child can experience English family life and practise their English.
The family is paid a weekly sum for providing this hospitality - currently from 190.

The scheme is operated by Belaf Language Study Holidays which was founded in 1975 and which operates several other Anglo-French study schemes, including exchange visits.
We have a steady demand from French families who want their child to spend a few weeks in England to improve their English and are always seeking to recruit families who are willing to provide hospitality.
Many English families do this prior to their own child visiting France and find that this is a good way of easing them into another culture gently.


We should emphasise that we are not just looking for accommodation but for families willing to include the French child in their family life, show them their local area and include them in their activities and interests.
We currently cover the Home Counties, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset and Bristol.
However, we can accept families in any part of the country so long as they are prepared to collect their child from a local airport. With so many budget airlines, the possibilities for this have increased and last year we placed children in Newcastle and Birmingham. Within reason, we will reimburse petrol expenses for airport collections.
This website provides more details of how the scheme works together with an online enquiry form.

Please read more details about How It Works  before applying.
We look forward to hearing from you

“It has been a pleasure to host your Belaf students for the past few years”.
“Well done for choosing such nice young students for us to have in our homes!”   more>>>


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